Secure your merchants' DDA accounts with a risk free, no cost service.

Nations Transaction Services will register merchants and install equipment or support the bank's existing merchant service programs. If the bank chooses, Nations Transaction Services can eliminate the time and expense of setting up merchants.

  • No liability on approved merchants. Nations Transaction Services accepts and manages risk shielding the bank from liability.

  • Competitive Rates. Banks can maintain a competitive position with Nations Transaction Services's flexible pricing.

  • Daily and monthly reports. Management tools enable banks to monitor and measure profitability and performance for each merchant location via the web.

  • Unsurpassed service. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year card processing customers.

  • Simplified conversion to Nations Transaction Services. The bank is provided with a tested, well communicated, systemized plan to overcome potential obstacles and resistance resulting from a change in processors.

  • Ongoing training. Periodic training for all levels of bank staff. The more people that understand the concept and program, the more profitable the bank.

  • Loyal partners. Nations Transaction Services goes to great lengths to share its business development and marketing strategies to expand the bank's merchant base.
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