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Nations Transaction Services, Inc., and ROAR.Pro together, have created a sales program to offer businesses a state-of-the-art Mobile Application. We know when a business has their own mobile application; they become more accessible to their customers. We have hundreds of thousands of users today and ROAR knows how the mobile application is done right.


Smartphone usage shows that people use their phone for apps and internet access more than the actual phone itself. By 2014, Americans will use their mobile phones more than desktop computers. So now is the time to get your clients on the leading edge of sales and technology.


Selling the ROAR mobile app is easy because it provides your client a complete package: with business, payment and social technology interfaces. The ROAR app works on ALL mobile smart phones, not just the iPhone. Best of all, it's free for your client’s business customers, making their app a powerful way to maintain contact with existing customers while reaching thousands of new ones.


ROAR's team handles all of the setup and all of the behind-the-scenes work. We give your client everything they need to make easy updates. Your client won't need any developers to write code. The simple, beautiful interface means adding or changing content is quick and easy. ROAR takes care of the rest.


Your client’s app has their look, their logo, their pictures and their name. ROAR is completely behind- the-scenes, ensuring all their customers see and experience is their company.

Become part of the Nations-Roar team of sales professionals today. Contact Ron Tunick or Howard Harris for further information at the following: /

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